What we do

The Afghan Sports Trust is able to offer financial support and help in other ways, where it will provide Afghans with increased chance to access opportunity through sport.

Through 2020 and 2021 we gave grants to approx 12 organisations, although for security reasons we have now removed those details from our site. They included a range of sports, male and female participants, and those with particular needs (including activities focused on orphans and people with disabilities).

Since Aug 2021 we have continued to be open for applications and have made a number of further grants. We have also worked to put Afghan refugees in contact with sporting options in their countries of refuge – for example, helping them access facilities, join clubs, get necessary equipment, and take part in events.

Our primary focus remains on grant-giving but we know that money is not the only barrier that Afghans face, and where we can, we are happy to try to help in other ways. We remain a small organisation with limited capacity, and everything depends on the time and energy of our trustees, and the goodwill and generosity of people we know.