Apply for grants

We are still open for grant applications which will help Afghans with sporting activities. We can operate a slimline application process. For full details and documents, please contact us.

All applications will be assessed in a flexible way, using the following criteria:

  • Organisation Is there a organisational structure with community support and some internal governance?
  • Reach How many people will be included and are they from disadvantaged groups?
  • Impact How big a difference will the project make?
  • Necessity Is it essential and can it happen without AST support?
  • Legacy What will be carried forward into the future?
  • Value Does it represent efficient use of AST funds?

We understand that in the current situation, it is hard to make concrete commitments about impact and future activities.

The maximum amount we can currently grant is USD650 although in certain circumstances we can consider a higher amount, if it relates to female participation (and ideally in running activities). This is due to a special funding arrangement with huge thanks to The Secret Marathon, the Secret 3k, the Marathon of Afghanistan, Cultures of Resistance, and One Run Global.

We are not able to fund evacuations or emergency visas – our charity objectives are related to sport.